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Many Gemba Walk forms are still done on paper, without the ability to quickly change them. TurboFormZ offers a better alternative to Canadian companies: digital Gemba Walk forms! To save you time in your day-to-day management and to measure organizational performance, we offer an online and digital Gemba Walk form service to all businesses.

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TurboFormZ – The Best Gemba Walk Form

Whether you need a Gemba Walk form to manage your employees’ weekly hours, or to monitor your operations, we have the solution for you. 

Following the growing demand from our clients for the development of a management skills solution, we created TurboFormZ: the second Gemba Walk form software and fully customizable form and survey generator developed in Quebec.

Improve Your Understanding of Facility Performance and Rate Your Employees’ Performance with our Gemba Walk Form

Make your human resources work easier and improve your project management and management of your supervisory rounds with a mobile app for your Gemba Walk forms. TurboFormZ optimizes the process of data collection, behavioral assessment and more.

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Our forms are designed to be flexible and fit your needs perfectly. You can use our tour tool to generate and customize Gemba Walk forms and include as many settings as you want!

What Are the Benefits

of Using TurboFormZ?

Our Gemba Walk form offers a wide variety of benefits for everyone in the company. Whether you are the supervisor who conducts their supervisory rounds on a weekly basis or an administrator responsible for submitting concrete actions and corrective actions, TurboFormZ’s digital tool is perfect for you.

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Our Forms Are Simple to Create and Easy to Use

Whether it is for the person who creates and manages the Gemba Walk forms or the person who fills them out, we made sure that our tool is as easy to use as possible!

Forms are built in minutes using drag and drop and immediately ready to be shared with your employees. With different field types, the option to add mandatory sections, and the ability to create Gemba Walk forms in both English and French, you provide the best possible experience for your employees and human resources. Your Gemba Walk form users can even sign the documents electronically.

Save Your Employees and HR Time

With TurboFormZ’s customizable online forms, there’s no need to collect Gemba Walk forms from your employees – all your forms are in one place!

A simple search in our tool will allow you to find specific information, whether it is a supervision tour that resulted in successful insight, or finding performance gaps. 

Choosing the right Gemba Walk tool can save time for everyone in the company!

Saves You Money

Digital documents mean paper savings. But that’s not the only way TurboFormZ can save you money!

All of your documents related to your Gemba Walks are now in one place with our cloud-based solution, and we offer accessible plans for all businesses rather than pay-per-use. This way, administrative staff who create a report and employees all have access to the same information and can access it in real time without slowing down their other tasks. 

TurboFormZ Allows You to Standardize Your Data

Nothing is more annoying than forms that change regularly. Paper type, content, font, header.  

This way you can use the same or similar templates for all your Gemba Walk forms and all your information will be standardized according to your choices. Even better, TurboFormZ takes care of the validation of the forms.

You Can Customize It Any Way You Want

The beauty of using TurboFormZ’s online floor tour forms, aside from the significant cost savings, is that you can customize them any way you want.

You choose the elements available to the employees who will fill out the forms during the form creation stage. Simply drag and drop the elements you need, rename themd and you’re done!

The Information Is Safe

Our online platform is highly secure and you can trust that your information will remain confidential and that only you will have access to it. Your sensitive data will remain out of reach for anyone who does not have access to the platform thanks to an electronic security lock.

Original documents will always be in the cloud and whether you are on site or thousands of miles away, you will always have access to your original documents created by you or your team.


Our Gemba Walk forms are not only easy to use, secure and environmentally friendly, they are also very versatile and easy to share. 


Each of the forms you create can be exported and become PDF forms. You can then send it by email or using another tool. All of our forms can be edited or viewed using any device, whether it be a computer, phone or tablet.

Easy to Get Help

We have the resources to help you with any problems you may have. If you get stuck creating a form, you can count on our team of representatives and our customer service to help you.

If you have any questions while creating your form, you can call on our technical support service which is there to assist you. It’s free!


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What Are the Benefits of Using Gemba Walk Forms?

Using a Gemba Walk form software is the ideal solution to facilitate supervisory tours and record actions needed to achieve goals in real time. Perfect for any type of business, including technology companies, TurboFormZ allows you to have a major impact on the growth of your company, and to better take into account human capital.

Gemba Walk, a Fundamental Management Ritual in the Modern Economy

Gemba is a Japanese term that means “the real place” (or “the place where value was created”). This concept refers to when your team does most of its work. For example, for manufacturing companies, the gemba is the factory.

Gemba is similar to the Japanese word “Genchi Genbutsu”. It means to go to the source.

Ongoing improvement is a fundamental element of the Lean management philosophy, whose main goal is to identify day-to-day problems and to understand, observe and improve processes. Lean and Six Sigma mean taking the time to understand the people who do the work and to observe how the process is done.

The concept was developed at Toyota by Taiichi Ohno, who, alongside Shigeo Muroi and Eiji Toyoda, developed Toyota’s management and manufacturing systems, now known as Lean Manufacturing.

Gemba walks have become a common management technique because they provide organizations with valuable information about how their operations and supply chains are performing. Regular walks help organizations identify opportunities to improve their operations.

The 3 Basic Rules of a Gemba Walk

If you want your gemba-walks to be effective, these three rules are essential.

  1. Check the source: see for yourself how your company’s various processes operate to determine if they are in line with company goals and standards.
  2. Ask “why”: you need to understand each step in detail to eliminate day-to-day problems. Many routine tasks are performed without staff questioning whether or not they are completed. Understanding the why helps you understand how to improve your processes.
  3. Show respect: treat people with dignity and show them that you care about their well-being. Make sure to involve your employees by letting them know that the gemba-walk is performed to make their job easier.

Do You Have Other Forms to Create for Your Business?

TurboFormZ specializes in many customizable forms for businesses of all kinds. Whether it’s for equipment or vehicle inspections, Gemba Walks or checklists, gain productivity with our custom forms!