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Invoice Management Form Application in Canada

Many invoices are still done on paper, which often causes conflicts in terms of project management and dealing with customers on a daily basis. TurboFormZ offers a better alternative to Canadian businesses: a digital invoice form! In order to save you management time, we offer a digital invoice form service to businesses.

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TurboFormZ – Simple Invoice Form

Whether you need an invoice form to record a current period, an invoice software to file and organize your invoices, we have the solution for you. No more managing invoice forms on a sheet of paper: choose the best online invoice software!

Following the growing demand from our customers for the development of a project management solution, we created TurboFormZ: the first invoice form software and form generator fully customizable in a few simple steps developed in Quebec.

Create and Edit Invoices in Real Time with an Invoice Form

Facilitate the work of your human resources team and improve your project management with an invoice form available through mobile apps. Invoices are essential in the life of any entrepreneur whether to have clout with financial institutions or simply to facilitate your organization. They also increase productivity by letting you check sent or in-progress invoices at a glance from your smartphone or mobile device!

Our forms are designed to be flexible and perfectly fit your needs. You can use our tool to generate and customize invoice forms, and include as many settings as you want!

What Are the Benefits of Using TurboFormZ?

Our invoice form offers a variety of benefits for everyone in your company. Whether you’re a self-employed worker starting a business who needs to generate invoices for your customers or an administrator in a small business in charge of invoice management who creates the entire form, TurboFormZ’s digital tool is perfect for you. Our tool is also perfect for independent contractors and small businesses.

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Our Forms Are Simple to Create and Easy to Use

Whether it is for the person who creates and manages the invoice form or the person who fills it out, we have done everything to make our tool as easy to use as possible!

Our forms are built within minutes using a drag-and-drop function and are ready to be shared with your employees. With different field types, the option to add mandatory sections, and the ability to create an invoice form in both English or French, you can provide the best possible experience for your employees and human resources. Your invoice form users can even electronically sign the documents after entering the necessary information such as customer address, business days, service details, delivery service if applicable and payment methods.

Save Your Employees and HR Time

With TurboFormZ’s customizable online forms, there’s no need to collect your invoice form – all your invoice forms can be found in one place!

A simple search in the search tool will allow you to find specific information, whether it is the product or service, the address of the recipient or the services included in the offer and service contract, or any other data of the projects sorted online. 

Choosing the right project management tool can save time for everyone in the company!

Saves You Money

Digital documents mean less paper. But that’s not the only way TurboFormZ can save you money!

All documents related to your invoice form are now in one place thanks to our cloud-based solution (accessible with a simple internet access), and we offer plans available to all companies rather than pay per use. This way, administrative staff who create an invoice for a given project and employees all have access to the same information and can access it in real time without slowing down their other tasks.

TurboFormZ Allows You to Standardize Your Data

There is nothing more annoying than forms that change constantly. Paper type, content, font, header. With TurboFormZ’s customizable forms, you now have control over these elements when creating documents and producing invoices.

This way you can use the same template for all your invoices and all your information will be standardized according to your preferences. Even better, TurboFormZ takes care of the validation of the sheets.

Customize it Any Way You Want

The beauty of using TurboFormZ’s online invoice form, aside from the significant cost savings, is that you can customize them any way you want.

During the form creation stage, you choose which elements are available to the employees who will fill them out. Location of the project, nature of the project, description of the project, etc… Simply drag and drop the elements you need, rename them and you’re done!

Your Information Is Safe

Our online platform is highly secure and you can trust us to keep your information confidential and only you will have access to it. Your sensitive data will remain out of reach to anyone who does not have access to the platform thanks to an electronic security lock.

Your original documents will always be in the cloud and whether you are on site or thousands of miles away, you will always have access to them.


Our invoice form tool is not only easy to use, secure and environmentally friendly, it is also very versatile and easy to share via the internet.

Each form you create can be exported and become a PDF form. You can then send them via email or using another medium. All of our forms can be edited or viewed using any device, whether it be a computer, phone or tablet.

Easy to Get Help

We have resources to help you if you have any problems. If you get stuck creating a form, you can count on our team of representatives and our customer service to help you.

If you have any questions while creating your form, you can call our technical support service which is there to assist you. It’s free!


How Much Do TurboFormZ Invoice Forms Cost?

TurboFormZ offers a basic plan that gives businesses an invoice software that can be accessed by an unlimited number of users. Let your employees and managers access your invoice form anywhere, anytime, with a digital project management tool!

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  • 1 active form
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Up to 500 completed forms per month


Learn More About the Online Invoice Form

What Is an Invoice for a Business?

An invoice for a business or any other entrepreneur and self-employed worker in Canada is an essential document in order to get paid for the products or services provided. It contains information as essential as the name and address of the company, the type of product and/or service sold, the description of the products and/or services, a reference number for your organization, the unit amount (price per item), the hourly amount if applicable, various fees (taxes, annual fees, etc…) but also customer data (such as customer addresses), the date of payment of the invoices, the bank information or the method of payment (payment option and payment process).

Why Is it Important to Keep Invoices?

Invoices have several functions: 
  • From a legal (and business) perspective, it is legal proof that the service was provided or the product was sold. It also establishes the seller’s right of ownership, which means that the seller has the right to claim (e.g., a receipt).
  • From a commercial point of view, it details the conditions of negotiation of the sale between the supplier (the company) and its customer (the buyer).
  • The invoice is also used as an accounting document since its preparation is necessary to prepare and present the annual accounts. A reporting entity must provide written evidence of each financial transaction reported in its accounts.
  • Finally, in terms of taxation and financial services, the invoice is the basis for exercising the right to taxes (collection and deduction) as well as for tax audits.

Invoices Must Therefore Be Easily Retrievable for at Least Ten Years.

There is no specific penalty for not keeping business records. Depending on the circumstances and type of violation, there are several penalties that can be applied, including fines. It is therefore essential that you meet this deadline and properly file all your invoices.

Do You Have Other Forms to Create for Your Business?

TurboFormZ specializes in customizable forms for businesses of all kinds. Whether it’s for equipment or vehicle inspections, Gemba-Walk or checklists, increase your productivity with our custom forms!